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Marketing Has Changed

In the past, companies had complete control over information, access and distribution channels. The internet has changed all of that. If the customer cannot access information quickly, he will move on to the next source. Customers and prospects are empowered in a variety of ways:

  • Can easily find and access many companies.
  • Can obtain specifications, request samples, check pricing and receive a quotation directly from the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Access is 24/7.

Lead-Enabling Strategies

Generating Web traffic is good, but identifying specific, qualified customers is much better. Depending upon qualification methodology, the leads can go directly to the sales force or to further qualification such as telemarketing. Our experience includes a variety of proven techniques that identify specific, qualified customers, not just increased traffic.

  • Contextual Marketing - Design and implementation of programs that touch the customer at a time when they are predisposed to the product message rather than trying to create interest in an individual company then an individual product. This positions the product as the solution to an existing problem rather than as a product looking to be sold.
  • Online Edumarketing - Combines the strategies of how people learn with the principles of marketing. Educates consumers to value the process the product supports. Leads the consumer to discover, on their own, why they need your product. Enhances sales process productivity.
  • Virtual Exhibit Development – Trade shows are expensive. The Web offers the ability for customers to interact in a virtual environment without leaving their desk.
  • Content Development – White papers, application notes, product information and other collateral provide valuable information and are incentives that are critical to successful lead-enabling strategies.
  • Traffic Development – In addition to standard search engine visibility techniques, we concentrate on market-specific online directories and resources.




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